2019-10-30 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-10-31 for demo sites, 2019-11-08 for live sites.

Massachusetts Advocates for Children prepares for onboarding.

New York County Lawyers Association prepares for onboarding.

90940: Fix an issue with a contact's work address not populating when generating a document from a template.

91208: Make the Case Data > Outcome V2 (One Row Per) > Outcome [Lookup] subtable play nice with the Lookup Transform Index feature.

91512: Stop the "Vera KYR Information" block from pre-filling the "Date of First KYR" field with a default date and time.

92235: Add formatting options in Instruction elements in Guided Navigation.

92396: Restore the "Stacked Bars" option in the Bar Graph report element. Increase color saturation of bars by 0.31%.

92609: Enable Guided Navigation on all sites.

92620: Make changes to the Active checkbox in report Attributes save properly. (All sites updated 2019-10-24)

92672: Remove errant HTML codes from the display of phone numbers on case profiles that use the Applicant Phone #s block. (All sites updated 2019-10-25)

No ticket: Temporarily disable the Merge Organization feature pending some corner case fixes.