2019-11-13 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-11-14 for demo sites, 2019-11-22 for live sites.

90126: Add a new "Case Data > Expense Entries (one row per entry)" subtable to reports.

92050: Fix for Quick Case Copy not copying values in the following fields: mental_disability_note, passport_expire_date_2, and passport_issue_date_2.

92094: Convince "Contains" and "Does not Contain" report filters to play nice with the "Apply After Aggregate" option.

92249: Give Guided Navigation the power to set values for the Generic Lookup Selector block.

92458: Add the ability to create custom fields of type "organization" on the case/matter module. These custom fields present a nice search and select field (that searches a site's active organizations).

92589: Restore the behavior of County of Residence defaulting to "Please Select" when using the Address block and when adding an individual Adverse Party.

92846: The edit pencils displayed by the "List Work History (for Editing)" block will now work on a case profile. They will load the process configured in the block and put the resulting form in edit mode with the work history row you clicked edit on loaded.

92877: There is a new "Most Recent Organization Referral" field available for use on case profiles. It displays, read-only, the name of the organization a case has been referred to, the most recent one if there are multiple referrals.

93019: Stop a loading list error when a report uses the Case Data > Outcomes V2 (One Per Row) > Outcome [Lookup] subtable, but no fields are selected from the subtable. Easy workaround: Delete the subtable (the report isn't using it anyway) or select at least one field.