2019-11-20 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-11-21 for demo sites, 2019-11-29 for live sites.

Office of the Colorado State Public Defender prepares to begin onboarding.

91573: When the calendar is set to display clinic appointments, make them show up on the Week view, not just Day and Month.

91584: Hiding an Outcome column in Data Options when running a report can cause an "Error loading list". This will stop on live sites on 2019-11-22. You know what to not do until then.

92394: Add helpful text to the Contact Notes block configuration: "See Admin > Contact Settings for the types of notes to exclude from the display." Because none of us ever remember that setting is there.

92614: Improve the locking of online intakes once the transfer has been made, to prevent applicants from changing information after the fact.

92704: Make electronic signatures play nice with fingers on a laptop touchscreen.

92876: Make a new "Age (Manually Entered)" field available in the contact, person, and user modules.

92929: For sites with Advanced Grants Management, the My Time widget will again display the expected weeks when a pay period falls in the middle of a week.

92975: Make the Google Team Drive list view display proper links to PDFs and docx files.

92985: Add the oft requested ability to edit multiple calendar events on the calendar Event List. See, use, and enjoy the checkboxes. The "Remove me from selected" button is an excellent way to free up your time.

93033: Fix an error when trying to send Pro Bono Status Updates.

93036: Fix the search part of "search and select" for the Institution field displayed by the Custodial Status block.

93170: Make the Snapshot Top block behave on Pending cases.

93225: Fix user-based filters in report edit mode not showing a list of users. Live sites will have the fix 2019-11-22.

Immigration forms DS230 (2019-10-03), I-918 Supp A (2019-04-24), and I-918 Supp B (2019-04-24), were pushed out to demo and live sites on 2019-11-19.