2019-11-27 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-11-28 for demo sites, 2019-12-06 for live sites.

87559: The Activity field is now properly marked as a required field if you choose to create an Activity record when generating an immigration form.

92823: URLs entered into the Website Address field on organization records are now clickable links.

93190: The "Appeared before Judge" field available for dynamic calendar events will now display the judge's name instead of ID number on a profile page. The name is also now available in reports on the Case Data > Associated Calendar Events > Event Data > Appeared before Judge > Person subtable.

93217: Initial rollout of the ability to include links to external files in, for example, a case's document list. Example Use Case: You have a file (document, video, etc.) stored outside of LegalServer but want to reference it in the list of documents on a case. This feature will allow creating a "document" that is actually just a link to some external source. The file is not uploaded to, or stored, on the site. This feature is off by default. Site administrators enable it by setting "Enable Documents to be Added by URL" on the Admin > Document Settings page. When enable, the standard document upload form will contain an Add by Hyperlink "Show" button, allowing you to enter the URL of the external file instead of uploading a file.

93248: When using "Add Person" while generating a document from a template, make the address fields respect a site's country, that country's address style, and its customs and traditions in general.

93258: For Guided Navigation segments of the type "Action: Generate a document", there is now a checkbox to choose to have a link shown for downloading the generated document.

93266: Fixed an issue with deleting a Referral Hub location causing sadness.

93272: Fix an error loading the Special Legal Problem Code lookup list.

93291: Make the "Guardian Ad Litem Certification Needed" and "Paupers eligible?" fields displayed by the Pro Bono Opportunity block display "Yes", "No", or "N/A" on a case profile instead of "t" or "f".

93381: When using the "Institutionalized?" option in the Address block, make selecting an institution return that organization's primary address.

Immigration form I-693 (2019-07-15) was pushed out to all immigration sites on 2019-11-21.