2019-12-04 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-12-05 for demo sites, 2019-12-13 for live sites.

Welcome the following organizations as they prepare to begin onboarding:

* Camba Legal Services

* Disability Rights Legal Center

* Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan

Changes, fixes, updates:

92716: Include the A Number (a_number) field in etransfers.

92991: Improve text wrapping in the Snapshot Top block.

92999: The Organization Affiliation block gains a new "Do Not Require Input" configuration option. This allows the block to be used on the first page of a contact create process, giving the user the ability to create a new contact without picking an organization.

93029: Fix multiple language support in the Applicant Name block.

93230: Fix the alignment of the "Accept Signature" button displayed by the Signature Attestation block in the most recent version of Chrome.

93380: Fix multiple language support in the Online Intake Legal Problem Code block when it is configured to display Legal Problem Category Descriptive.

93537: Initial beta testing rollout of setting filter values in your report API calls.