2020-01-15 Release Notes


Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York prepares to take their online intake live.

Wisconsin Judicare prepares to go live next week.


Changes/updates are effective on demo sites on 2020-01-16 and live sites on 2020-01-24

84953: Hide the Continue button on the Actors step when creating a document template until at least one Actor has been selected.

89623: Display Mobile Phone and Mobile Phone Note on the pending case transfer page for incoming etransfers.

92686: Make the Required options in the MLP Medical Institution block do what you hope they would do when you have that block on an online intake form.

93604: Improve the accessibility of list view filter bar search boxes and icons to the JAWS screen reader.

93970: Don't allow inactivating a custom field if it is in use in Guided Navigation. Display a friendly warning with any GN dialogues that contain the field.

94319: Add a "Total Number Helped" field to the list of Fields under Case Data in reports.

94281: Make Guided Navigation properly handle lookup values that are merged.

94297: For sites that sync to a statewide aggregator via an Admin > Sync to Foo page, move the list of fields that are synced to the bottom of the page.