2020-01-22 Release Notes


The LegalServer All Staff Meeting is on Monday Jan 27th and Tuesday Jan 28th, with many folks traveling much of Wednesday Jan 29th. Release Notes will return on Feb 5th.


Changes/updates are effective on demo sites on 2020-01-23 and live sites on 2020-01-31.

86251: Make uploading a document with the static "Add Note" process on an outreach upload the file to the intended outreach folder.

86252: Make the static "Add Document" process on an outreach upload files to the intended folder or subfolder. Bonus: This also fixes emailing an outreach record with attachments.

94209: Online Intake API beta testers can now include Alien Number, Country of Citizenship, and Visa Number fields in submissions.

94306: Make documents uploaded via the Services Documents block on a dynamic service page appear properly in the Services Log list view on a case.

94311: Add a new User Activity section on the /admin/metrics page.

94447: There is a new "Cause Number" text field available for matter records. It can be added to the Search menu, and set to display in various static matter lists on the Search tab of the Admin > Top Level Navigation page. It is also an available column (not enabled by default) on various dynamic list views, like Current Assignments, etc.