2020-02-05 Release Notes


Welcome the following organizations as they prepare to begin onboarding:

* Anishinabe Legal Services

* Benton County Public Defender

* JASA Community Guardian Program

* Riverside Legal Aid

Houston Volunteer Lawyers prepares to take its online intake live.

Legal Action of Wisconsin is live with LegalServer this week.

Changes and Updates

Effective 2020-02-06 for demo sites, 2020-02-14 for live sites.

91323: Allow help icons on fields on online intake and external forms. You know, the little "?" icon that will appear next to a field's label on a form if you have entered Help Text for that field. If you want this on your online intake or external forms, go to Admin > Process Settings and flip "Show field help icons in online intake forms" from No to Yes.

92971: Add the following attributes to the "Custom Profile Style" section available in online intake processes: Secondary Color, Active Link Color, and Visited Link Color.

93624: Add support in reports for custom lookup fields that use system lookup lists. For example, if you have a custom lookup field Event Type on timeslips that uses the system Presentation Types lookup list (instead of a custom lookup list), you will now see a Timekeeping > Event Type [Lookup] subtable in reports.

94040: Make user filters like Primary Assignment work as expected in report edit mode with users who have suffixes in their name.

94576: The SMS module now supports receiving MMS messages. Translation: Clients can text pictures to their cases.

94753: Let you remove yourself from the Attendees on a calendar event you create (assuming you've added at least one other attendee). NB: The old reliable "Save and Return to Calendar" button currently works. This update fixes the upstart "Save and View Event" and "Save and Add Another" buttons.

Immigration form AR 11 (2019-09-10) was pushed to demo and live sites on 2020-02-01.

Immigration form I-192 (2019-12-02) was pushed to demo and live sites on 2020-02-03.

Immigration form I-485 Supp A (2019-07-15) was pushed to demo and live sites on 2020-02-03.