2020-02-26 Release Notes


Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-02-27, on live sites on 2020-03-06.

65818: Allow configuring the Applicant Phone #s block to set the default Preferred Phone to something other than "Home Phone", like "Mobile Phone" (or "Fax" if you have an unusual client population). See the new configuration option "Default Preferred Phone".

67217: Make the Problem Code/Special Problem Code block play nice on a case profile like other blocks. It will no longer display dropdowns for the two fields that you can change, but can't save. If allowed in the configuration, users will be able to edit in a popup window or start an auxiliary process to edit.

68222: Restore the "Minimum Acceptable Year" configuration option in the Applicant DOB block.

81771: Improve the collapsing and expanding of case note body text on case profile pages that use the Case Note List block.

85734: When adding a note to an Activity record and choosing to email it, make the Recipients box search for contact email addresses like other Recipients boxes do.

93861: Allow hiding the Office and Program fields displayed by the Disposition block. See the new configuration options "Prompt for Office" and "Prompt for Program". Uncheck those, and select a default for each, to have them hidden on the form. NB: If you don't select defaults in the block, your users will be confused by validation warnings on required fields they can't see. NB2: Checking those options will also hide Office and Program on the Additional Assignment (if the block is configured to display the option to add an Additional Assignment).

95009: Allow reporting on custom fields from the Charge module via a new Case Data > Charges > Custom subtable.

95292: Allow recording multiple outreaches in the "Outreaches Associated with Cases" field available on case/matter records.

The following immigration forms have been pushed to demo and live sites:

G-325A (2019-09-17)

I-246 (2019-08)