2020-03-04 Release Notes


Women's Law Center of Maryland prepares to go live.

Welcome the following organizations as they prepare to being onboarding:

* Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition

* Public Interest Law Initiative

* SeniorLAW Center

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-03-05, then on live sites on 2020-03-13.

66756: When exporting list contents to Excel, hint strongly to Excel that it should import number columns as numbers, not text.

67910: Show a friendly warning, instead of an error page, if you enter more than two digits after the decimal in an income row on the financial page.

73993: Clicking "No, Cancel" on an "Are you sure you want to copy this outreach?" page will no longer leave you on an empty white page of sadness.

78110: Financial Benefit Category is now properly shown as a required field on the Outcomes Financial Benefit V2 lookup list and will behave like a required field, giving you a friendly warning if you don't make a selection.

84268: Adding the Case Note List block to the first step of an intake or a prescreen will now show a message on the form that it won't work there instead of causing the intake or prescreen process to throw an error.

91158: Line Charts in reports will again let you pick something other than numeric fields for the X or Y axis.

93463: Fixed the display of help text for the "Confirmation" checkbox that a pro bono user sees if they choose to see more information about a pro bono opportuntiy case. If you enter Help Text for that field in Admin > System Fields, the form will display the standard question mark icon next to "Confirmation" and whatever text you enter in the mouseover.

94493: There is a new "Attendees" block available for dynamic calendar forms and profiles. Paired with the new "Event Attendee Role" lookup list, you can add attendees to an event and select a role for each attendee.

95117: Make the "Restrict to Organization" option in the Report Part block work on an organization profile page when you choose to display a pie chart from the embedded report.

95244: Display columns for Case Title and Cause Number on the calendar Events List page, if those fields are enabled on the Search tab of the Admin > Top Level Navigation/Search page.

95335: Editing the current primary assignment on a case now offers a new "Edit Primary Assignment Without Transfer" link. Using the new link allows changing the Office and Program of the primary assignment without transferring the case to another user.

95476: Allow showing expense notes in the Expenses list view available on cases.

94900: Selecting a user with a middle name/initial in a user-based report filter in edit mode will return results for that user. The user(s) selected and saved in edit mode will also appear in run mode and return the expected results.

95518: Fix a scary red "Error occurred while loading tab" message on the calendar Day, Week, and Month views. Only affected demo sites. Fixed 2020-03-02.

The following immigration forms have been pushed out to demo and live sites:

EOIR 26 (2019-10-16)

EOIR 29 (2019-07)

N-648 (2019-05-23)