2020-03-11 Release Notes


New Mexico Legal Aid prepares to go live.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-03-12, then on live sites on 2020-03-20.

86792: The Activities block gains a new "Note Signature" configuration option. If a note is entered and emailed, any text in the Note Signature box will be appended to the email body text. The signature supports the same variables as the Add Case Notes block, notably "[url]" (without the quotes) which is a link to the case. NB: Line breaks in the configuration are not being honored in the email text, so you likely don't want much more than something like "Link to case: [url]".

93557: Report columns have a new Format option: "Replace Null and Not Null With Value". With that format option selected, the column will display what you put in the Null/Empty and Not Null/Empty text boxes below it. Example: On a column like "Close Reason", it could display "Data Entered" if any close reason was selected for a case, or "No Data" if one hasn't been selected. Or the "Domestic Violence" column could display "Data Collected" or "No Data Collected", without showing if the value is Yes or No. Your imagination is the only limit. NB: Values you enter are being saved, but will not display in later report edits. This will be fixed in an upcoming ticket.

95189: Summations in reports have a new "Strip HTML Tags" option. This allows the rows to be a name field that is a clickable link in the data table, like a user's "Full Name (Last, First)" field. Previously, all the hidden HTML would confuse the summation and not group the results by name.

95667: Improve collapsion and expansion of long note bodies displayed by the Case Notes List block.

95686: Stop the "Applicant Phone #s" block from causing an error on online intake forms (All sites were updated 2020-03-06).