2020-04-01 Release Notes


The Children's Law Center prepares to go live.

Community Legal Aid prepares to begin onboarding.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-04-02, then on live sites on 2020-04-10.

92508: Date Opened is no longer included in etransfers.

95384: Make outreach timeslips created with a dynamic process display with the configured profile (instead of the boring static profile), and use the same dynamic process they were created with when editing them.

95395: Make the Merge Organizations feature work when the organization being merged to already has an organization assignment on a case the merge from organization is also assigned to.

95733: The Case Data > Case/Service Notes - Multiple Rows Per Case > Notes > Date Posted field in reports will now display notes created from timeslips using the Date of Service on the timeslip instead of the Date Entered.

96056: Update the Activity Log list view to use the improved Note expansion/collapsion. Bonus: Do the same for Support Ticket notes and Referral Hub services notes.

96082: Display a nice warning on the Finalize Verified Time page (Advanced Grants Management) that finalization may fail, if the funding code chosen for unallocated time doesn't have a contract term covering the relevant period. Administrators choose that funding code on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings Page, full name "Funding Code for Unallocated Time Created On Verification".

96175: Deal with browsers that let you try to enter commas in a number input field. We will forcibly clear the display so it's obvious the number with commas was not actually entered.

96243: Having the Case Notes block on a timeslip form will no longer cause an error.