2020-04-08 Release Notes


Kootenai County Public Defender prepares to go live.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-04-09, then on live sites on 2020-04-17.

92972: Many fields have a "Default Overrides Existing Value" configuration option on forms. Extend that option into Guided Navigation.

93401: Make the "Default Email Subject" option in the Client Survey Send Request block (for sending an external form) do what you hope it will.

93577: When a user goes to send an external form, make the "External Process" field default to "Please select" unless there is only one active external process on the site.

96250: Add Attendee Role as a filter on the Event List on the main Calendar page.

94261: Add a "Same Page Submit Scroll Back" option to the "Submit (Configurable)" block. When used with the "Same Page" option, clicking the button will return the user to the button position on the page instead of leaving them at the top of the page. Creators of long forms rejoice.

94568: Add new "Restrict to User" and "Restrict to Contact" options to the Report Part block when it is used on a user profile or contact profile.

95685: Make the Discovery block display two new number fields: "Discovery First Page" and "Discovery Last Page".

95912: Allow changing the default "Please enter your date of birth to validate your identity" text that someone sees after clicking the link to an external form. Enter optional text (for example English and Spanish) on the Admin > Process Settings page in the "Identity Verification Help" setting.

96078: Make the Contract Term Allocations block on timeslips (Advanced Grants Management only) work as expected when no roles are checked in the "Roles Allowed to Edit" configuration option. In other words the CTA field will be read only.

96306: Many fields have a "Toggler Style" configuration option on forms. Extend that option into Guided Navigation.

96351: Add a new "Disasters" multi-select field. Rename the existing Disaster field to "Disaster (Single)". Both fields use the Disaster Event lookup list. Add a "Coronavirus" lookup value to the Disaster Event list, and set an LSIndex value on it. Make both fields etransfer. Sites using the existing Disaster field do not need to make any changes to continue using it.