2020-04-15 Release Notes


Legal Assistance of Dakota County prepares to go live.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-04-16, then on live sites on 2020-04-24.

93754: Remove the Courtroom and Judge fields that were inadvertently added to static calendar event forms. They may return in the future in working order.

95186: Add a new option to the Address List block that allows selecting a dynamic auxiliary process for editing existing addresses and adding a new address via the Address Extended block.

95884: Make the columns configurable in the "Matter Discovery Log" list view, and add new columns "Created By" and "Created At". Add a new configuration option to the companion Discovery block: "Override existing discovery type with default".

96232: The Batch Funding Code Update Tool will now accept a manually entered list of IDs as an additional filter on the records to be changed.

96440: If a referral to an outside organization is made, but the organization record's etransfer configuration is incomplete, display a message on the referral details page.

96459: The title of external profile pages (what the client sees after completing your wondrous external forms) is now the text you have entered for the Name of the external profile. The current title displayed for all external profile pages is "ABC External Intake" (where "ABC" is the abbreviation for your site).

96527: The default Action on the pending case transfer page (inbound etransfers) is now "Please Select". The previous default of "Begin Intake" sometimes resulted in undesired intakes being started. Clicking Continue without changing the Action field will return you to the list.

Immigration form i-290b (2019-12-02) was pushed to demo and live immigration sites on 2020-04-14.

Immigration form i-864 (2019-10-15) was pushed to demo and live immigration sites on 2020-04-10.