2020-05-06 Release Notes


Next week's Tuesday Training will be "COVID-19 Data Collection". Your hosts will be Jeff Hogue and Leah Brach, and hopefully many of your siteadmin colleagues discussing how they are collecting this data. Tuesday 2020-05-12 at 3:00pm Eastern. Join at https://zoom.us/j/305817769. No registration required.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-05-07, then on live sites on 2020-05-15.

95293: Improve handling of inbound MMS messages (a/k/a texts with pictures). Case notes created by inbound MMS messages will now show all images as attachments. The admin SMS Received log entries will also show all images received via an MMS message.

96587: The Cause Number field is now an available column in the Conflict Search Results block. It can also be displayed as a column in Search > Clients results. Both require first enabling the Cause Number settings found on the Search tab of the Admin > Top Level Navigation/Search page.

96981: Expand the option to add links to external files in more places where you can currently upload documents. The setting to allow this is "Enable Documents to be Added by URL" on the Admin > Document Settings page. NB: This does not upload a file to a case, etc. from the URL. It adds a link to the external file in the Documents list.

96981: The Discovery block gains a new "Show Document Upload" option. Enabling that option allows uploading one or more files and adding one or more links to external files to a discovery record.