2020-05-13 Release Notes


The Advocates for Human Rights prepares to go live.

Inland Counties Legal Services prepares to take their online intake live.

Welcome Judicare of Anoka County as they begin onboarding.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-05-14, then on live sites on 2020-05-22.

92420: Add configuration options for the Address block when used on a form in the Person module that allow you to display, or not, the Move-in Date and Move-out Date fields.

95493: Make the Step2/Add Column list in reports play nice when you select custom fields in the list.

95753: Honor the "Default to Excluded" option for an asset lookup value when it is set as an Asset Default in the Assets block.

96650: If a case has a Sharepointe folder, save files generated by new style Document Templates to the case and to the Sharepointe folder.

97042: When using the Generic Outgoing API block to create folders in Sharepointe, do not label a 201 status return code as an error.

97139: Emails sent from a dynamic calendar event form now include the Start and End date and time, and a clickable link to the event profile.

97150: Add a Case Data > Discovery Items (one row per item) subtable to reports.

97174: Add "one row per case" subtables for Charges, Sentences, and Credits to reports. Allows this information to be summarized, tallied, concatenated, and possibly in the future, julienned.

97192: Extend Multiple Language support to Guided Navigation elements.

97194: Change the Admin > Document Settings label from "Enable Documents to be Added by URL" to "Enable Links to Documents by URL". To clarify that you are adding a link, not uploading a file from a URL with this feature.

97289: Add a Case Data > Documents (one row per document) subtable to reports.