2020-06-10 Release Notes


Legal Services of the Virgin Islands prepares to go live.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-06-11, then on live sites on 2020-06-19.

81196: Make the Applicant Name block really require the First Name.

96439: For sites with the Leave Balance module, the Notes that can be entered on each row on the Post Leave Hours page will now save properly.

96488: Allow deleting organization assignments on cases.

96931: Remove the default filter on office in Cause Number search results.

97310: Do not error when deleting a document from the Discovery Log.

97554: The Client Survey Send Request block (used for External Forms) gains two new configuration options:

1) "From Override", which allows you to set any From address desired when the contact method is Email. "noreply@legalserver.org" is a good option to avoid spam filters.

2) "User Can Change From Address", which does what you think it would.

97553: The Publications block now allows you to specify a From address when the email option is enabled.

97639: Add a Case Data > Signature Attestation subtable in reports. Include exciting subtables and fields under it.

97867: On a Case Data > Documents reports, make the Name column a clickable link to download a document, and the Title column a clickable link to view the document profile.

97872: Extend the option to send a note via the Message Center. Currently an option in the Add Case Note block, this ticket allows it when adding an Assignment Note, Case Close Note, and when adding a note via the Discovery block. Check each block's configuration options.

97970: Make Ctrl+Shift+S put focus on the (often red) Search menu in Chrome, then TAB cycles through the links in the menu. NB: Firefox uses this key combo for its screenshot tool, so it will not work. Any custom browser keyboard shortcuts you may have will likely override this or conflict with it.