2020-06-24 Release Notes


These folks are excited to be going live:

* Community Legal Assistance Society

* Disability Rights Legal Center

* Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-06-25, then on live sites on 2020-07-03.

94152: Looking at pending case transfers? Want to know if the online applicant, or staff at the sending program, checked "Safe" for phone numbers? Enjoy (assuming the online intake or the sending program collects the "Safe" field on phone numbers).

94871: Outreach reports now have two subtables for pulling assignment information: "Outreach Assignments (Active Only, One Row Per Assignment)" and "Outreach Assignments (Active and Inactive, One Row Per Assignment)". If your site calls outreach records something else, adjust accordingly.

95542: Fixed an issue where litigation subactors would not be properly populated based on a set default index.

96679: Support having different Guided Navigation processes on the same primary form behind branch logic. If you must, here you go.

97242: Allow replacing the mini-timeslip form available via the "Add Case Note" block with a new button that will save the case note, then load your shiny, full dynamic case timeslip form (linked to the same case of course). Do you have custom fields on your case timeslip form? Exciting branch logic? Need to require Activity Code? Get all the goodness that the mini-form could not provide.

97546: Added a "Guided Navigation Segment History (for intakes)" subtable to Case Data based reports. See what a great, or not, job you've done naming your GN segments on intakes.

97729: For sites with Sharepoint integration, enjoy the improved visual feedback when dragging and dropping files onto a Sharepoint folder on a case.

98037: The Generic Lookup Selector block is now available for use on service/phase forms.

98124: For sites with multiple language support, added the ability to translate "is required" and "must be valid" system message text fragments. Tốt hơn, không?

98240: The Yes and No radio buttons for boolean fields are now aligned vertically on online intake forms.