2020-07-01 Release Notes


We've changed our issue tracking / ticketing system. Hence the new numbering below. If we have emailed you from the new system, we hope you like the shinier, art deco look of them.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-07-02, then on live sites on 2020-07-10.

LS-62019: Make "Best Time to Call" etransfer, and available as a column in the Case/Matter - Electronic Case Transfers, Received list view.

LS-65436: Add a Case Data > Intake Channel [Lookup] subtable to reports, along with an eponymous lookup list. Yes Virginia, in the not too too distant future, people will be able to complete an online intake via text or voice.

LS-65567: When using the Mass Assignment Update feature, the client name column will now sort by last name then first name, instead of first then last.

LS-65790: The Add Case Note block gets the ability to default the Note Type to something other than Case Notes. Also new is the "Allow note type to be editable?" option. Checking the option to not allow editing the type is user friendly because the form will load with the focus in the Subject field; no need to click or tab past Note Type. Studies estimate only 0.003% of users ever change the note type, so this could save millions of tabs/clicks/taps per year.

LS-66193: Prevent system user accounts from showing up on the recommended pro bono users list, regardless of how many filters you remove. These system users have never been known to take a case, so assigning one to them is unhelpful.

LS-66304: Sending a calendar event note via both Email and Message will no longer cause an error.

LS-66423: Reports based on the top level Contacts table now get a nice list of humans in a filter on Contacts > Person > Full Name (Last, First).

98240: Correction: Last week's release notes indicated radio buttons are now aligned vertically on online intake forms for boolean fields. It is actually all fields configured to use radio buttons, not just booleans. We apologize for the error. The person responsible for the release notes has been sacked.