2020-07-15 Release Notes


Welcome these programs as they begin onboarding:

* Legal Aid of Marin

Be excited with these programs as they prepare to go live:

* Foster Care Advocacy Center

* Legal Aid of Sonoma County

* Public Interest Law Initiative

* Texas RioGrande Legal Aid

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-07-16, then on live sites on 2020-07-24.

LS-57038: The Survey Questions top level report table gains a new "Custom" subtable. You've added custom fields, you want to report on them.

LS-57040: The Survey Questions top level report table gains a new "Case/Matter" subtable. If you ever wanted to know survey information on, for example, your cases with certain LPCs, now you can.

LS-66154: Stop drawing thin border lines around something called "fieldsets" on online intake forms. Because our UI person said stop it.

LS-66441: Add the ability to default the Intake End Date Time field to "Now" in a Guided Navigation segment. If, for example, you want that field to contain the date and time someone loaded the last segment of your dialogue.

LS-66752: The Pro Bono Opportunities API payload now includes the "Case Email Address". So your other software can send emails cases. Which apparently you want it to do.

LS-66896: Minor label change on the Admin > Site Settings page. "Emergency Intakes are Marked Red" is now the more descriptive "Emergency Prescreens are Marked Red on Prescreens List".