2020-07-29 Release Notes

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-07-30, then on live sites on 2020-08-07.

LS-62672: Do you yearn for Quick Case Copy and Create New Case for Client to copy values in your shiny custom fields into the new matter? If you do, visit the Admin > Process Settings page. Scroll down to the new "Case Copy Settings" section. Observe the new "Custom Fields" selector. Search and select the custom fields you want to have included. Use the handy "Select all" and "Select none" buttons. Enjoy.

LS-65366: Report columns based on text fields have a new Format option, "Clickable Link". Say you have a text field "Court Docket Link". If you put a fully qualified URL in that field, say "https://statecourtdocketsystem.foo.gov/docket/pa12345" (not a real URL), the report can display that as a clickable link.

LS-65625: Improve the load time for Google Team Drive lists on cases by 50% or more.

LS-66016: Change the keyboard shortcut to open the (often red) Search menu to Ctrl+Shift+F.

LS-66150: Add the ability to filter the Case Contacts list view on cases by Role.

LS-66640: Enforce the requiredness of the Zip and County fields when using the Address block in a Guided Navigation segment.

LS-67231: Report columns that are boolean (Yes/No) fields gain an exciting new capability. In the column properties window, you'll see the ability to substitute arbitrary text for Yes, No, and Null values. NB: You can have the report display thumbs up, thumbs down, and shrug emojis, but those do not export correctly to Excel or CSV.

LD-66237: There is a new Service Charges block available for use on dynamic Service records on cases. The block displays a multi-select list of charges, if any, that have been entered on the case. Accordingly, the Case Data > Services (one row per service) subtable in report gains a "Charges Tied To Service (one row per associated charge)" subtable.

LS-66797: The Address block gains the ability to set the Intake Office field based on either the County of Residence or County of Dispute. The Intake Office is set according to the Service County values, if any, set for each office on the Admin > Offices page. Currently undetermined when the Address block will get an option to send a greeting or other card to the address entered, but could be any day.

LS-67188: Allow screen readers to announce when the Search menu is opened and what is available.

LS-67190: Allow screen readers to announce that a search (for example, Search > Clients) is complete and how many results there are, announce a failure (for example Case ID search returns no results), and success if the Case ID does exist.

LS-67256: Tired of only being able to report the user ID of the person who uploaded a file? Check out the new Case Data > Documents (All Folders - One Row Per Document > User subtable. Human friendly names, and more.