2020-08-05 Release Notes


Welcome Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law (located in scenic southeastern Pennsylvania) as they begin onboarding.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-08-06, then on live sites on 2020-08-14.

LS-63943: Make the contents of the missing required field(s) warning that can appear at the top of a form readable by screenreaders.

LS-66438: The Timekeeping Certification Message text on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page now applies to confirm time screens on sites with Advanced Grants Management or Electronic Verification of Time.

LS-67041: Fixed: "Send this note as a message" causes an error on the assign case page.

LS-67189: Add a Cancel button to the Search popup windows to give people using a screenreader a way to close those windows.

LS-67244: Fixed: Sending calendar event note as email and message causes an error. (All sites updated on 2020-07-31).

LS-67278: The Additional Contact block gains two configuration options: "Replace State with Province" and "Replace Zip with Postal Code".