2020-08-12 Release Notes


API Legal Outreach is live with LegalServer.

Massachusetts Advocates for Children prepares to go live.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-08-13, then on live sites on 2020-08-21.

LS-64412: Your curated set of Asset Defaults in an Asset block that is part of a Guided Navigation dialogue will now save properly.

LS-66874: Cause Number is now an available column to display in the Adverse Party block search results.

LS-67110: Updated the Countries lookup list to conform better with ISO 3166.

LS-67235: Have you added custom lookup fields to the grant module? Do you want to display them in a case report? Then you will like what you see under the Case Data > Case Funding Code > Funding Code subtable.

LS-67373: The Send Email block gets a new "Send on Form Load" configuration option. Checking this option is recommended when this block is on the same form as the Online Intake Transfer block.

LS-67569: The Branch Logic block gains a new "Override Existing Value with Default" configuration option. For those times when you really, really want your selected default value to be used.

LS-67624: The Case Acceptance Conditions block gains the ability to require the Citizenship Status field to be set as configured.

LS-67818: In edit mode on a report, the Filters section has a boring dropdown list that lets you add one new filter at a time. This ticket makes that a shinier search and select list. Bonus: You can select multiple fields and add multiple filters at once. Bonus2: The list groups together Hidden fields and Displayed fields.