2020-08-19 Release Notes


Laura H is retiring from PTLA. [Ed. comment: Boo]

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-08-20, then on live sites on 2020-08-28.

LS-66807: Fixed the "Check All" box on redistribution screens for AGMers.

LS-67339: Add a new subtable in reports: Case Data > Callbacks > Callback Attempts (One row per Attempt).

LS-67552: If the "Other Parties" and "Docket Number" columns are enabled in the Conflict Search Results block, display them in the search results list.

LS-67585: Guided Navigation now supports arrays when using the "in" or "not in" operators on a text field. Given a text field "Color", you can now write an expression like "Color in Green|Blue|Pink". That's the pipe (|) symbol separating the values. And the tests are case sensitive, so if someone enters "pink", it will not match the "Pink" array value, unless you go back and change your array to "Green|Blue|Pink|pink". Award yourself a nerd point if this makes sense. Five points if you can't wait to try this out.

LS-67595: You added a custom field of type "funding_code" for cases? You want to filter on it in reports? Now you can.

LS-67713: Include Signature Attestation block stuff in etransfers.

LS-67720: Stop the Charge search and select from showing inactive lookup values.

LS-67733: You added a custom field of type "user" to the Service/Phase module? You want to display those names in a report? Enjoy the Person subtable under your custom subtable, and all the name fields you could ever want.

LS-67940: External Forms can only prompt for verification by client DOB on the case, right? Previously true. Now each External Process has a new "Identity Verification Type" attribute that lets you select Date of Birth, Home Phone Number, or Zip/Postal Code.

LS-68151: Some organization-based search and selects, for example Sentencing Court, weren't behaving. Fix effective on all sites on 2020-08-18.