2020-08-26 Release Notes


Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles prepares to go live.

Texas RioGrande Legal Services prepares to take their online intake live.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-08-27, then on live sites on 2020-09-04.

LS-66918: The Activities block gains the option of having a "Save and Add Time" button that, instead of creating a timeslip using the built-in mini-form, allows creating a timeslip with your shiny dynamic case timeslip.

LS-67078: The Report Part block (used to embed reports on pages) gets a new "Display Filters and Allow Changes" option. As it says on the tin, this option displays the embedded report's filters on the page. It shows any filter with a default value set by a report writer, and a button to show the other available filters. This allows users to temporarily change the filters; a page refresh/reload will set the filters back to the report defaults.

LS-67759: Added an Outreach > Address Information subtable to reports. NB: Some of you have old, old reports that used the city, state, zip, etc. fields from a "special" table. You'll need to replace those columns with the corresponding ones from the shiny new subtable. Your data will be there.

LS-68157: Stop document templates from dropping accented characters. For example, Peña will no longer show up as Pea in the generated document. Et voilà.

LS-68336: Changing Case Status went wonky. Fixed on all sites on 2020-08-21.