2020-09-09 Release Notes


Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino prepares to begin onboarding.

We humbly thank Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida for mentioning us in their article on Building a Statewide Medical-Legal Partnership Network. We in turn thank Mallory Curran for steering the changes to LegalServer to better support MLP programs and advocates.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-09-10, then on live sites on 2020-09-18.

Immigration form I-539 (2019-10-15) was pushed to all immigration sites on 2020-09-03.

Immigration form I-765WS (2020-08-25) was pushed to all immigration sites on 2020-09-09.

LS-67719: Do you have a Jane A. Smith and a Jane Q. Smith handling cases? Everyone will appreciate that the caseworker dropdowns on assignment pages now display users' middle initials/names.

LS-67753: Errors updating a user's organization affiliation sometimes required turning off "Bind to Work Address", making the change, then turning it back on. Stop those errors and the need for the workaround.

LS-68404: Adjusted the Email PDF of Profile block to stop sporadic network timeout errors. No one likes those.

LS-68775: At least one person noticed that the "Submit (Configurable)" block wasn't working in a guided navigation segment when it was conditionally displayed. Demo sites only. Fixed. No live sites were harmed.

LS-68836: Remove the gray background in embedded report footers for a cleaner, fresher look. Do the same for embedded crosstabs.