2020-09-16 Release Notes


Communities Resist is live with LegalServer.

Going live next week:

* Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition

* Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

* Veteran Advocacy Project

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-09-17, then on live sites on 2020-09-25.

LS-67282: The Add Charges block now has a configuration option to "Allow Case Credits Only on Top Charge".

LS-68046: Added a Case Data > VOCA Fields subtable in reports, for sites that use the eponymous block.

LS-68105: Have you ever wanted to hide the Documents section on your add case note form? Try unchecking the new "Show Upload Documents" configuration option in the Add Case Note block. The new option is checked by default to avoid surprises.

LS-68641: Attempt to make the Family Information block play nice on the same form as the Conflict Search Results block. Standard advice remains to not do that.

LS-68771: The "Current Assignments" list view you likely have on your home page now has the following columns available: Top Charge, Case Type, Custodial Status, Next Court Date, Court, and Case Status Note. (New widescreen monitors for your staff not included)

LS-68804 (Part 1): Duplicate adverse parties will no longer show when the case you are viewing is associated with other cases.

LS-68804 (Part 2): On client profile pages with multiple associated cases: a) Each adverse party will link to the case it comes from. b) Family member duplicates no longer appear in the family member list unless one of the displayed details is different on a given case.

LS-68808: The SharePoint documents list on a case will no longer ignore SharePoint folders that are named "Forms" or begin with the word "Forms".