2020-09-23 Release Notes


Going live next week: Anishinabe Legal Services and U.S. District Court - Southern District of New York

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-09-24, then on live sites on 2020-10-02.

LS-62001: The Charge module, with its bountiful set of blocks, fields, and list views is now available on all sites. People were getting envious of the public defenders.

LS-66637: Using the Institution and/or Detention features in the Address Extended block? You'll be excited to learn that editing an existing address will properly display the Institution, and the detention fields, instead of appearing blank.

LS-68107: The Create Assignment block gets a new configuration that allows displaying "Send this note as a message" in addition to "Send this note as an email".

LS-68924: The Snapshot New element (the colorful thing in the side bar on cases) has a new configuration option that allows you to hide it for selected user roles.

LS-68979: Make the Multiple Outcomes v2 block display nice when used on branch logic forms.