2020-09-30 Release Notes


Going live next week: Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo

(Ed: Youtube links to multiple versions of "Shuffle Off to Buffalo" removed)

Welcome the following organizations as they start onboarding:

* American Bar Association Immigration Justice Project

* Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

* Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law

* Mosaic Family Services

* Nevada Department of Indigent Defense Services

* Public Law Center

* Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-10-01, then on live sites on 2020-10-09.

Immigration form I-864EZ (2019-10-15) was pushed out to immigration sites on 2020-09-22.

LS-66241: Added a new Yes/No system field called "Other Related Convictions" to the matter module.

LS-68360: The Re-Open Case block gains the option to "Show Send as Message for Note". Helpful if your folks prefer to enter a note and send it via a Message instead of an email.

LS-66890: The Custodial Status block now has the option to "Default Prior Custodial Status End Date To 1 Day Before New Custodial Status". Less typing.

LS-67080: Reduce the load time of embedded reports by approximately 2.14 seconds.

LS-68224: The Case Specific Questions block gains a new "Case Questions Read Only". For those times you want people to see but not touch. Some of you have that want.

LS-68724: A pro bono user expressing interest in a pro bono opportunity case stopped automatically flipping the Pro Bono Opportunity field to "No: Not Available". Restored the desired behavior.

LS-69046: Make the Problem Code/Special Problem Code block play nice when used in a guided navigation dialogue.

LS-69050: Make blocks that display +/- rows (for example the Assets block) play nice in guided navigation dialogues, and not display errant "Something is required" warnings.

LS-69225: Make the Online Intake Transfer block play nice inside a guided navigation dialogue.

LS-69322: Exporting report stuff to Excel has been modernized. (Yes, Virginia, your Excel 2003 version is no longer supported.) 1) Excel export of data tables and crosstabs is now to XLSX format. 2) Category labels in crosstab output that were hidden under certain configurations are now brought into the light. 3) Data in number fields should now export in a way that stops Excel from complaining.

LS-69509: Summations in reports now work with hidden columns.