2020-10-07 Release Notes


Uptown People's Law Center starts onboarding.

Preparing to go live are Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota and Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-10-08, then on live sites on 2020-10-16.

LS-66085: The "Recommended Pro Bono List" list view gets a new available column and filter for the new system field "Next Available Date" that is available for user records. Nothing magical about the new date field; it only contains what a human enters. The list view also gets a filter on "Recommend Pro Bono Attorney Notes".

LS-66239: Reports can now include additional attributes of a lookup field. For example, if you are reporting on Charges, there is now a subtable under it that lets you pull in the Charge Category, Penalty Class, and so on.

LS-68770: If your folks like the excellent "Actions dropdown" column you have displayed on their home page My Assignments list, they will enjoy the fancy "+" icons on their Recently Accessed list as soon as you enable it there.

LS-68772: Make the following columns available in the "Case/Matter - Recently Accessed Cases" list view: 1a) Case Type, 1b) Custodial Status (Most Recent), 1c) Court Name, and 1d) Top Charge.

LS-69212: The Add Charges block will now show a friendly warning that "Exactly one top charge must be selected" instead of a full page error if no selection is made for the Top Charge field.

LS-69477: Have an online intake? With guided navigation? Using the "Submit (Configurable)" block? In multiple languages? Well, you are awesome, so we will now save the translations you enter for that block.

LS-69497: The Online Intake Transfer block has an option for "Messages Contain HTML". Make that option honor your carefully-crafted, W3C-compliant HTML tags.

LS-69617: Add a filter for Originating Agency Name to the "Case/Matter - Electronic Case Transfers Received" list view. Because some of you get etransfers from multiple sites.

LS-69618: Add a filter for Case Transfer Status to the "Case/Matter - Electronic Case Transfers Received in Past 2 Months" list view. Because ... reasons.