2020-10-28 Release Notes


Preparing to go live: City of Aurora Public Defender's Office

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-10-29, then on live sites on 2020-11-06.

LS-68479: Make the Prescreen Timesheet block play nice on sites with payroll leave tracking enabled.

LS-68587: Restored the Enabled/Disabled Columns section in the In-Place Client Search block configuration.

LS-68643: Restore harmony between the Funding Code Timekeeping Change block and Advanced Grants Management.

LS-68757: Do you have the Tasks list view on the home page? Do you display the Notes column in the list? Do you not particularly like the "(Calendar Notes) Posted on ....." text being displayed on every note? If you answered "Yes" to all three questions, why not try setting "Display Note Annotations" to "No" in the Tasks list view configuration.

LS-69046: Your lovingly crafted dynamic calendar event form can now have the option to send the note as a Message, not just email it.

LS-69405: The Process Language block (used on online intakes) gains the ability to set a default language. Both on a standard form and within a Guided Navigation dialogue.

LS-69649: If you have set beautiful custom colors on an external auxiliary process, those colors will be applied to the "Identity Verification" page the person sees when they click the link to get at your exciting external form. Will probably work the same for not-so-beautiful custom colors.

LS-69671: If a document is linked to a message, and the document is later deleted, the document will no longer show up in search results, and thus no longer cause an error when trying to view it from the search results.

LS-69881: Would you like to send case status notes via the Message feature instead of, or in addition to, by email? If so, the Case Status block's new "Allow Note to be Sent as Message" configuration option may intrigue you.

LS-69949: If your site has Attempt tracking enabled on the Recommend Pro Bono User page on cases, you can click "Attempt Call" for a pro bono user. One of your options on the attempt page is to email a note to that user. If you do, the email will no longer include a clickable link to the case. The clickable links often scared and confused your volunteers, which is not good.

LS-70513: Have Sharepoint integration? Use document templates on cases? Sometimes forget to login to SharePointe? The Document Templates list on a case will now show "Click here to login to SharePoint" instead of "Download" or "Start Process" links. The latter links will appear once you login to SP.

LS-70053: There is a shiny new "Funding Code Restricted Cases Allowed to View" block available for dynamic user forms. See the "Limit Users to Viewing Cases Assigned to Certain Grants" on this help page if that sparks any interest.