2020-11-04 Release Notes


Welcome the following as they start onboarding:

* Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A

* Legal Aid of Wyoming

Preparing to go live:

* Lubbock Private Defenders Office

* SeniorLAW Center

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-11-05, then on live sites on 2020-11-13.

LS-50502: Allow reporting on the human-friendly name of the person who completed a task, and not just the user IDs. See the Completed By > Person subtable in your favorite report for the usual bountiful name options.

LS-64347: Try even harder to avoid horizontal scrolling in the Case Notes list when a case note from an email contains horrible "safelink", "outlookprotect", and similar links with hundreds (yes, hundreds) of characters in an unbroken string.

LS-67887: Fixed an issue with enhanced reminders that could cause a spurious error.

LS-68362: Improve the speed of the Charge field search and select. At least somewhat. There are a lot of things people can be charged with on some sites. A lot.

LS-69524: Catch it when a human tries to enter a Custodial Status end date that is before the start date. Refuse to accept their faulty data. Prevent those same humans from having two custodial status records on the same case with the same start date.

LS-69919: In Search > Clients results, would you like to see the Program a case result is assigned to? If so, head over to the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page. Hit the Search tab, then enable the new "Show Case Program Assignment In Red Search Link" setting.

LS-70007: The SharePoint Documents block now has options that let you configure the SharePointe Site Path and the Share-point Library Path.

LS-70015: The Judge field that can be shown by the Court Case block is now a searchable dropdown list. If your site has a plethora of judges, your folks will like this.

LS-70420: Make sorting the Case Notes list by Date Posted do what you always wanted it to. Bonus fix for sorting on the Created By column.