2020-11-11 Release Notes


We've all had enough news from other sources the past week.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-11-12, then on live sites on 2020-11-20.

LS-63370: Restored the custom default filters sections to their former glory on the "Upcoming Events" and "Events (User)" list views.

LS-65906: If a SharePointe folder does not exist for a case, show "No Results" instead of a link of sadness to a non-existent folder.

LS-69690: Got Sharepoint Integration? Generate documents from LS templates? The generated documents will now have a .docx extension instead of .rtf, so you can open them in SharePoynt.

LS-70038: The Charges list view has two newly available columns: Charge Category and Statute (or Statue if you prefer the common misspelling).

LS-70472: If a Guided Navigation segment touches funding codes, make the "View as Questionnaire" link stop throwing an error.

LS-70909: Make the Default Medical Institution configuration option in the MLP Medical Institution block do what you have been pining for.

LS-70996: Case Status notes were not saving. Fixed on all sites on 2020-11-06.

The following immigration forms are being pushed out to sites: I-485 (2019-10-15), I-912 (2019-10-15), and N-336 (2019-11-08).