2020-11-18 Release Notes


De Novo (formerly CLSACC (or as we still refer to them, "Classy Act")) prepares to take their online intake live.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-11-19, then on live sites on 2020-11-27.

LS-38664: Forgot to select a type or frequency for income or expenses on a financial page? Enjoy the friendly reminder message instead of the not-so-friendly error page.

LS-70026: Have you ever thought the (often red) Search menu is too bountiful for your site's tastes? Visit the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page. On the Search tab observe how you can now turn off links in the Search menu.

LS-70027: If you liked the previous change, keep reading. The "Case/Matter - Cases" list view (which nearly every site has on the Cases page) has a plethora of filters. Edit the configuration for that list view and observe each filter now has a "Show" checkbox you can uncheck. Your kids will never filter on Office because you only have one? Hide it. Don't use Case Title? Hide that one too. Rinse and repeat as desired.

LS-70517: Charge is now available as a subactor of the Case Information actor in document templates.

LS-70813: The giant red session timeout bar that appears at the top of the page and lets you log back in after a nap will now show an SSO (Single Sign On) link if your site is using SSO.

LS-70923: The Online Intake Import API will now let you set the Relationship Type for adverse parties.

LS-70948: Do you have the Judge field on calendar events? Want to put the human-friendly names of those judges on a report? You'll like the new Events > Judge > Person subtable.

LS-70957: The SharePointe Documents block will now display a note if a folder doesn't exist in SP for a case. No more guessing what the void means. The block also gets a new option that lets you select an auxiliary process for creating the SP folder. If you configure that, the previously mentioned note will include a clickable link to that process.

LS-71095: The static Case Status Change page now requires something in the Body of the note. Anything.

LS-71154: The "Case/Matter - Electronic Case Transfers, Received" list view has a shiny new filter available on Case Transfer Status. Hope you like it.

LS-71261: A Guided Navigation dialogue will now play nice if it is generating a document and you leave "Show link to document after it is generated" unchecked.