2020-11-25 Release Notes


No news this week.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-11-26, then on live sites on 2020-12-04.

LS-43041: Clean up the Admin > Lookups list by removing an errant "Legal Problem Code" entry. Don't worry, your codes are safe and snug in the Problem Codes entry.

LS-58673: The Start Date on an LITC Issue is required. Add the red star on the field label to make that clear.

LS-64515: Adverse Parties can have zip codes. People sometimes enter odd things in that field. When they do, show them a friendly warning and reminder instead of an error page.

LS-69086: Make the Funding Code Timekeeping Change block display all available grants for each timeslip.

LS-70020: The Event List on the main Calendar page now has a filter for Courtroom. Multi-select, for all your filtering needs.

LS-71198: Restore the previous behavior when a pro bono user expresses interest in a pro bono opportunity case: Do not set pro bono opportunity on the case to "No: No Longer Available".

LS-71287: Remove the vestigial "Name" field when looking at a report subtable of a multi-select field like Special Legal Problem Code.

LS-71319: Make the Final Status dropdown list displayed by the Set Final Goal Status block a bit wider and roomier.

LS-71344: The Assignments list view on user profiles now has an Office column available. You said your volunteers have assignments in different offices. And you wanted to know that.