2020-12-09 Release Notes


These folks are excited to be going live next week:

* Judicare of Anoka County

* West Tennessee Legal Services

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-12-10, then on live sites on 2020-12-18.

LS-64792: Adding an attendee twice to a calendar event will no longer cause an error.

LS-67206: Support dragging and dropping onto Sharepointe sub-folders on a case profile.

LS-70021: The Add Event block gains the ability to select a dynamic event form.

LS-70030: The Event Link block available on dynamic calendar event forms will now display "Would you like to associate this event to a case?" when adding a new event from the calendar (as opposed to from a case). If you answer "Yes", you get a search and select box to find a case. Adding an event from a case will still automatically link to the case - you won't need to say "Yes" and search and select. In case you were worried about that.

LS-70596: Make column re-ordering in reports play nice when your report contains pivoted columns.

LS-70652: If you see "Create Pro Bono Opportunity?" on your clinic forms, and if you say "Yes", you will now see the "Urgent?" field wearing a nice red star so you know it is required. And if you don't pick "Yes" or "No" for "Urgent?", you get a friendly warning that it is a required field, not an error page.

LS-71279: Make the document profile page cleaner when the document is stored in Share-Point.

LS-71496: Emailed calendar event notes sent from a dynamic calendar event form stopped including the Start and End date and time, the clickable link to the event profile, and the unicorn emoji. We found the first two and put them back.

LS-71576: Provide a friendly experience if you try to do a document thing in LegalServer that needs you to be logged in to SharePoint but you aren't.

LS-71676: Enhanced Reminders graduates from beta testing. Site administrators can now see the "Use enhanced reminders" setting on the Admin > Calendar Settings page. Review the linked help page before blithely enabling this. The user interface is significantly different, so you may not want to spring it on your folks unannounced.

LS-61679: The Admin > Site Settings page gets some additional headers and things have been moved around a bit. For a cleaner, fresher look.

Immigration form I-130 (2019-02-13) was pushed out to all immigration sites on 2020-12-04.