2020-12-16 Release Notes


No one wants to go live next week. It's a mystery.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-12-17, then on live sites on 2020-12-25.

LS-68763: Make several of the "Hours required" settings in Advanced Grants Management accept two digits after a decimal point.

LS-68993: Have an online intake site? Use the Agency Program Identifier in the Online Intake Transfer block? Want to see that program in your reports? If yes, you'll enjoy this new field: Case Data > Organizations Referred To > Originating Agency Program [Lookup] > Originating Agency Program.

LS-69359: The Send Email block gets two new configuration options: 1) Add Recipients by Assignment Type: A multi-select list of assignment types. For each type selected, everyone assigned to the case with that type will be emailed. 2) Send on Form Load.

LS-71397: Make "Is Null" and "Is Not Null" fulfill your hopes and dreams when filtering a report on a lookup field. NB: You'll need to reset any existing lookup field filter after this fix hits. Changing to another option, then back should do it. Brute force (removing then re-adding the filter) may be required in dire circumstances.

LS-71416: Legal Problem Codes can now have an "I-Help Category". The categories are in Admin > Lookups under "MLP Ihelp Category". Your excitement level probably directly correlates with your interest in MLP stuff.

LS-71577: The interface for the "MLP ICD-10 Diagnosis" block has been rewritten to allow easy searching on code, block, or category. So. Many. Codes.

LS-71608: If you see "Create Pro Bono Opportunity?" on your outreach forms, and if you say "Yes", you will now see the "Urgent?" field adorned with a red star so you know it is required. And if you don't pick "Yes" or "No" for "Urgent?", you get a friendly warning that it is a required field, not an error page.

LS-71779: Make the labels displayed by the Address block (Zip Code, City, and friends) translatable in an online intake with multiple languages.