2020-12-23 Release Notes


The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership did an ICYMI 2020 highlights edition of their newsletter, which features not one, not two, not three, but four, articles or MLP tools authored or co-authored by our community's own Mallory Curran.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2020-12-24, then on live sites on 2021-01-01.

LS-67203: Dragging and dropping files onto the Sharepointe Documents list on a case will now display a nice message telling you when the upload is complete, and will refresh the list for you. A progress bar may appear in 2021.

LS-69277: The Case Status block now displays a calendar icon date picker for the Due Date field. It also gets a new "Default Due Date to Today" configuration option.

LS-70024: Is your Distribution by Funding Code list too bountiful? Check out the new "Initially Display Distribution by Funding Code as Expanded" setting on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page. If you have Advanced Grants Management.

LS-70886: The Snapshot Top block gets a new "Date Open is Editable" checkbox. Uncheck it if you don't want people clicking on the Date Opened and changing it.

LS-71894: The Create Assignment block will now play nice with the Pro Bono Obligations feature and properly display any unsatisfied obligations for the selected user.

🎅🏽 LS-71413: Do you receive electronic case transfers? Have you longed for the ability to select from your various and bountiful intake processes for each pending transfer when you "Begin Intake"? Your hopes and dreams have been fulfilled. See the new "Intake processes available for transferred cases" selector on the Admin > Process Settings page. Select two or more. Save. Then look at a pending transfer, select "Begin Intake", et voilá, observe your options.

LS-71532: When in "checkbox mode", the Mailing Address block will display the box checked and the mailing address when a mailing address has been previously entered.

LS-72124: Fix an error viewing Admin > Lookups > Special Problem Code (only affected demo sites).

LS-72127: "Rejection Reason" is now an available column in the Case/Matter - Matters list view (often used for a list of rejected matters on the main Cases page).

LS-72192: Added a Date of Earliest Assignment column to reports. Find it on the System Users > Date of Earliest Assignment subtable. It pairs nicely with the existing Date of Last Assignment column. Want to know which users were assigned their first ever case this year? Filter accordingly, find out.