2021-01-13 Release Notes


Bannock County Public Defender is excited to be going live.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-01-14, then on live sites on 2021-01-22.

LS-70031: The Custodial Status block [citation needed] gets a new "Require related charges" configuration option. Enabled by default to maintain the current behavior. Uncheck it if you aren't into requiring a charge to be selected.

LS-70607: Allow creating custom fields for the Donation module. 💰

LS-70892: If enabled, the (often red) Search > Cause Number now returns all matters, not just pending, open, and closed cases.

LS-71612: "N/A" values in the Originating Agency Program column will no longer cause sorting confusion on pending etransfer lists.

LS-71153: When creating a new Message via the Message Center, do not show an errant "Discovery, Case/Matter" option in the "Associate with Module" dropdown.

LS-71849: Prompt before replacing an existing file when uploading to Sharepoint. 😱

LS-71883: Make the Quick Organization Referral block stop partially obscuring a selected organization, and its "[Remove]" link.

LS-71992: Make a report filter on the Outreach Staff field work for users with middle names/initials. NB: You will need to delete and re-add this filter on existing reports after this fix hits.

LS-72457: When you use the "Hidden" option in a Branch Logic block, you want it to show the one true branch logic form based on the toggle field's existing value, not all the branch logic forms in the block. This ticket meets your want.

Immigration form I-918 (2019-04-24) has been pushed to all sites with that module.

Added a "Custom Field Cleanup" report to Example Reports. Designed to help find duplicate and/or unused custom fields. Displays a list of all custom fields on a site. Includes a handy "Run Find on Forms" link to run that process. Also includes an "Edit Field" link to quickly get you to each field's profile page where you can inactivate, edit, etc. NB: We are not responsible for any shock or dismay you may experience looking at the fields your co-horts have created on the site.