2021-01-20 Release Notes


Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-01-21, then on live sites on 2021-01-29.

LS-68543: Make the Process Language block display each language in that language. Example: Display "Tiếng Việt" instead of "Vietnamese". (Published in error. Did not apply to all sites) (Ref: LS-74541).

LS-70033: The Single Charge block [citation needed] gets a new "Show Charge Category (Read Only)" configuration option.

LS-70433: The Online Financial Information - Simple Asset block now plays nice with multiple languages.

LS-71339: You went to the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page. On the Search tab you turned on or off some links for the Search menu. Your expectations were not met when the Search menu stubbornly refused to honor some of your choices. This ticket takes care of that.

LS-71525: If your session times out, you will now be taken to the login page, instead of leaving the current page (with potentially sensitive information) displayed on screen.

LS-72067: Make the mouseover (or "hover over" if you prefer the colloquial term) for the Warnings column icons on Verify Time pages work on all the lists and pages. For all your AGM time processing needs.

LS-72126: Take care of an errant and sporadic "funding_code" error when merging lookup values.

LS-72206: Make the Case Contacts block store the Work Phone and Email, if entered, on the contact record.

LS-72478: Dragging and dropping files onto your Sharepoint Documents block? Enjoy the opacity changes.

LS-72529: You may move your Responsible for Calling block back to the second or later step of your prescreen, without fear of the eponymous field being required.

LS-72674: The Send Email block gets a new token for the Body text. "[matterdatabaseid]" will be replaced with the numeric ID of the matter. You know, the number you see at the end of a URL when viewing a case.

LS-72726: Change the (often red) Search menu link from "Client Organizations" to "Client/AP Organizations". Because it searches for both.