2021-01-27 Release Notes


Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County and Travis County Public Defender's Office are both excited to begin onboarding.

Posted in the always-interesting National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership's weekly update email:

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Hosted by LegalServer and MLP Consultant Mallory Curran

February 9, 2021, 3 PM EST

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Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-01-28, then on live sites on 2021-02-05.

LS-61051: Scheduled Reports now send XLSX files.

LS-64117: The Online Intake Transfer block gains multiple language support for the "Success" and "Failure" messages. 🏳‍🌈

LS-66412: Make using the Actions menu > Mass Update Status link on a clinic event a happy experience, free of errors.

LS-67870: The Item field displayed by the Activities block is now a searchable dropdown. Typing "asylum" will show you any of your lookup values that contain "asylum", like "Asylum Interview" and "I-589 Application for Asylum". Should help with bountiful Item lookup lists.

LS-68979: Make the "Show All Values" checkbox of the Multiple Outcomes (v2) block do what you expect, even when you are hiding it behind branch logic.

LS-70035: Make the Single Charge block display the Charge Date before the Charge field.

LS-71233: The School History block gets a new "Require School Name" configuration option.

LS-71907: Do you link calendar events to courts? You'll like the new Court (Organization) subtable in reports, where you can find helpful fields like Organization Name. On Events based reports, Events > Court (Organization). For your Case Data reports, Case Data > Associated Calendar Events > Event Data > Court (Organization).

LS-72031: Make the "Copy to Clipboard" icon next to the case's email address in the Snapshot Top block do what it says on the tin.

LS-72644: Using case credits with the Single Charge block? Would like to default the effective date of said credits? Would like to require the effective date? Now you can do one, both, or neither.

LS-72809: Shave 200ms off the time Javascript starts running on a page (think pages with embedded reports or scads of branch logic). ⏱

LS-72836: Large attachments to inbound SMS texts were sometimes not attached to the case note. This ticket rectifies that.

LS-72834: Add the option to display a case's assigned program in the Adverse Party block search results. See the new "Show Case Program Assignment Column in List" configuration option. NB: If you have previously adjusted Enabled/Disabled columns in the block, drag the "primary_assignment_program" column up into the desired location.

LS-72927: 🚩 Add the option to maintain existing session timeout behavior. As announced in last week's release notes, starting this Friday (2021-01-29), the default behavior after your session times out will be to take you to the login page (thus not leaving the page you were on displayed). Also starting this Friday, site admins have a new (nicely labeled) "Redirect To Login Screen After Timeout?" setting (Admin > Site Settings page, Security Settings section). That setting will be "Yes". Set that to "No" to leave folks on the same screen when their session times out.

LS-72965: Fixed a problem that was preventing inbound SMS text replies with no attachments from being linked to cases. Fixed on all sites effective 2021-01-26. Reprocessed all unlinked texts overnight on 2021-01-26.