2021-02-03 Release Notes


Fordham Law School's Feerick Center for Social Justice and Unlocal are both excited to begin onboarding.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-02-04, then on live sites on 2021-02-12

LS-68506: Make the "Notes (Generic)" block support multiple languages.

LS-70703: The Send Email block gets more options. "Include Sent by LegalServer" will let you show, or not, "Sent by LegalServer" in the email "footer". It will be off by default. Three new tokens are available for the Body: [first], [middle], and [last] to pull in the client/applicant's name parts. Coming soon [random_cat_gif] token.

LS-71503: Make the Custodial Status block more polite. Issue a warning if a user enters an invalid date, not an error page.

LS-72651: It is now impossible to select the same attendee twice on a calendar event (thus causing an error). And yes, you may accept this as a challenge to try.

LS-72682: Improve the average load time of the Sharepoint Documents list view by 64.3%.

LS-72970: Do you have clients who live on "San José Street"? Does it irk you when the sidebar snapshot displays that as "San José Street"? This fix is for you.

LS-73162: If a site administrator has given a user a temporary password (by selecting "Yes" for "Needs to change password on next login"), make the password truly temporary. Do not allow the user access to anything except the page to choose a new password. All sites updated 2021-01-29.

LS-73221: Add "365 days" as an option for "Expire User Passwords After X Days" on the Admin > Site Settings page.