2021-02-10 Release Notes


Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-02-11, then on live sites on 2021-02-19.

LS-60579: Make "Relationship Subtype" an available column in the Family Members list view.

LS-63836: Would you like to display the Case Title field on a form read-only, and not have the form throw an error on submit if the field happens to be empty? This is your ticket.

LS-69258: The Create Organization Assignment block was not playing nice on branch logic forms. Even if the logic resulted in the form with that block on it not being displayed, it threw an annoying error about a missing organization. This ticket makes the block behave.

LS-71635: The Disposition block's "Show Pro Bono Assignment and Timeslip Option for Accept and Close" will no longer darken your life with an error about a missing user.

LS-72104: Have Dropbox integration? Generate files from templates? Want those files stored in Dropbox instead of LegalServer? The ones generated from a "Start Process" link will be.

LS-72203: When adding a new field in a Guided Navigation segment, selecting a type of system lookup or existing custom lookup will give you a much roomier and easier to read list of values to pick from.

LS-72285: Make the Batch Funding Code Update Tool do its thing even if you have grant filters using custom fields.

LS-72338: Do you have the Problem Code/Special Problem Code block on a branch logic form? With the "Show Problem Code Text Area" option unchecked? Probably not, because the LPC and SLPC values weren't saving with this configuration. LPC and SLPC will now save on your branch logic forms regardless of how that option is set.

LS-72908: Case Credit lookup values can now be linked to one or more Case Credit Subtypes.

LS-73234: Emailed notes were repeating the text of the note body in the emails. This turned out to be unpopular. Fixed on all sites on 2021-02-05.

LS-73304: Display the "Best Time to Call" field below the phone numbers on the pending case transfer profile page.

LS-73437: The "Days Since Last Activity" column found in the ever-popular Current Assignments list view that adorns many home pages is now an available column in the not-quite-as-popular-but-almost Supervised Assignments list view.