2021-02-24 Release Notes


Community Legal Aid SoCal prepares to take their online intake live.

Family Violence Prevention Services is excited to go live next week.

Legal Aid of North Carolina is equally as excited to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-02-25, then on live sites on 2021-03-05.

LS-49427: The Activities block gets a new "Use Rich Text Editor" configuration option. This honors a user's My Preference setting, so folks who have expressed the "No" preference will not be offended by a fancy editing box.

LS-67893: The Leave Update pages will now warn you, instead of throwing an error, if you get too verbose in the Notes boxes. If you are curious, 99 characters is the limit.

LS-70681: Are you an Activity Preset aficionado? Do you add Deadlines to your presets? Have you pined for the ability to have these Deadlines optionally create a case alert like the standard Add Deadline form on case can? This ticket is for you.

LS-71193: The Generic Outgoing API block now accepts more than 95 characters in the "API URL" field. Many, many more.

LS-72290: Show a progress bar and other eye candy when dragging and dropping files onto a SharePoint Documents list on a case.

LS-73228: The Online Intake Transfer block now plays nice when used in Guided Navigation, displaying the Success and Failure Messages you have configured and doing so in multiple languages if you have that.

LS-73319: The "Event Note" block on a dynamic calendar event form now initially displays a simple "Add Note" button instead of all the bountiful note elements. Bonus: If you click "Add Note", the Body field is now properly marked as required, thus not leading you astray, thinking you could email the note without anything in the Body (and getting an error if you tried).

LS-73582: Make the "Edit" link on a financial snapshot summary do what you hope it would.

LS-73608: Right align zero values in columns in the Excel export of reports. Did you notice the non-zero values were right aligned beginning last week?

LS-73664: The Family Information block gets a new "Show Family Note" configuration option. Enable it to let your folks enter an optional note for each family member / non-adverse party. Bonus: Make "Notes" an available column in the Family Members list view so you can see those notes on a case profile.

LS-73659: Uploading files with extended characters in the filename works. Now downloading them from the site also works. Yes, Virginia, this includes emoji support.

LS-73765: When someone finishes your bountiful Guided Navigation dialogue, don't show them a superfluous "Next" button. Sadly, replacing that button with a unicorn waiving a checkered flag was voted down.

LS-73781: When looking at your lovingly crafted Guided Navigation segments, do you enjoy decoding expressions like "Legal Problem Code in (47, 82)" when the elements are collapsed? Would your rather see "Legal Problem Code in (32 Divorce, 37 Domestic Violence)"? If the latter, this ticket is your new best friend.

LS-73798: Stop the Visa/Alien Registration Number block from complaining that anything you entered was not formatted correctly. Fixed on all sites on 2021-02-22.

LS-73807: Stop errors when associating a case and copying family members when the other case has family members that were imported from pre-LegalServer data. Fixed on all sites on 2021-02-22.

LS-73838: The Education Levels lookup values can now be translated (if your site has multiple language support).

New on the Example Reports page:

"Cases/Matters Days Since Most Recent Note, Timeslip, Activity, or Service". Contains a special column that determines the most recent date of the four types of records and displays the number of days since that date. In other words, the equivalent of the "Days Since Last Activity" column in the Current Assignments list view frequently shown on home pages.

"Reports Run Counts". Useful for inactivating seldom-used reports. Lists active reports and how many times each one has been run. Provides a handy edit link for each report. NB: Can be slow to load. NB2: Does not count embedded report loads.