2021-03-03 Release Notes


Welcome the following organizations as they begin onboarding:

* El Dorado County

* Homeless Advocacy Project

* Northeast Legal Aid

* Tubman

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-03-04, then on live sites on 2021-03-12.

LS-63055: Search menu > People results will now float open cases to the top of a group of results with equal scores. Hypothetical highly satisfied client with 8 cases will show the one open case, followed by the 7 closed ones.

LS-66312: The Supervisor/Supervising block sometimes found on user records will now politely remind you if you miss a required field.

LS-70637: The Admin > System Speed page contains a new "Normalized Averages" section, wherein you can see the normalized average page load time for the past 24 hours and past 7 days.

LS-71149: The Generic Outgoing API block has several new parameters you can send your favorite external API endpoint: Case Email, Alien Number, Full Name, Primary Advocate Full Name, Primary Advocate Email, Probono Full Name, and Probono Email.

LS-73110: For sites that select a person for each income row on a case, you will be excited to see that the Family Member column of the "Income" list on your case profiles now displays the client's name (if selected on an income row) instead of a blank space of sadness.

LS-73461: Do you have cases or outreaches with thousands of notes? Enjoy the order of magnitude speed up, maybe two, of displaying them.

LS-73843: Added a new System Users > User Contact Association subtable in reports. You've entered Staff Liaison data. You want to report it. Now you can.

LS-73844: Added a new System Users > User Subjects w/ Expertise Level (One Row per Subject) subtable in reports. You've entered Subjects and such for your pro bono users. You want to report on it. Now you can.

LS-73919: Make sure Online Intake Transfer block "Success" and "Failure" text is displayed properly when the block is part of a Guided Navigation dialogue.

LS-74018: The "Upcoming Events" and "Events (User)" lists frequently found on home pages are no longer jealous of the "Tasks" list's handy "+" button to create a new record. Because they now sport one.

Immigration Form I-824 (2019-11-08) has been pushed out to all immigration sites.