2021-03-10 Release Notes


Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino is excited to be going live next week.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-03-11, then on live sites on 2021-03-19.

LS-72214: The SharePoint Documents list can now be temporarily sorted by the Name or Modified columns. When you return to a case, or refresh the page, or click the list Reset icon, the default alphanumeric sort by folder(s) will return.

LS-72958: Stop the Case Specific Questions block from clearing out your Legal Problem Code selection when: a) the Legal Problem Category option is enabled, and b) you use the "Show All Problem Codes" option to select an LPC outside of the category.

LS-73442: Fixed an issue with the Excel files sent by Scheduled Reports when the part selected to send is a crosstab.

LS-73593: Vastly decrease the time it takes the SharePoint Documents list on a case to load when the SharePointe site has many thousands of files.

LS-73771: The "Outreaches/Projects - Associated with User" list view (often found on home pages of sites that do a lot of outreach/project work) gains the ever popular, ever powerful "Actions dropdown" functionality beloved by all on the Current Assignments list view.

LS-74201: You like the Case Data > All Household People Associated With a Case subtable in reports. There's even more to like now that the Relationship Type and Relationship Subtype fields are there and do what you want them to.

LS-74379: Fixed a speed issue for people using the Timer if they have not viewed at least 5 cases in the last week.

Immigration Form I- 600 (2016-12-23) has been pushed out to all immigration sites (demo and live).