2021-03-17 Release Notes


Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities is excited to go live next week.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-03-18, then on live sites on 2021-03-26.

LS-50214: All spurious errors when performing any combination of adding, editing, and deleting adverse parties are a thing of the past.

LS-58328: The Bulk Referral form no longer shows inactive Legal Problem Code Categories.

LS-68964: When a file is uploaded to SharePoint, strip out characters in the filename that would make SP unhappy.

LS-71943: Make report column heading sort options useful with screen readers.

LS-72595: Sites with SharePoint integration have an exciting new "SharePoint Settings" section on the Admin > Document Settings page.

LS-72776: There is a new Pending Case Transfers > Special Legal Problem Code [Lookup] subtable in reports for your enjoyment.

LS-73247: The Case Credits block now displays a "Credit Note" text box for all your prosaic thoughts about the credit you are entering. The block configuration gains a "Require Credit Note" option, not enabled by default. Credit Note is available in all your favorite list views and reports.

LS-73554: The Admin > Metrics page gets a shiny new "Work Activity" section. Six new stats, including "Total Matters Created", month to date and year to date.

LS-73555: Change the label on the Admin > Metrics page chart from "Users Currently Logged In" to the more accurate "Users with recent database activity".

LS-73590: Dropbox integration now gives a friendly warning (instead of an error page) if the user tries, for example, to upload a file on the add case note page, but does not have write permissions in the Dropbox destination.

LS-73720: If you have the "Custodial Status" column enabled on the Current Assignments list on the home page, at least some, maybe all, of your users will be happy to see they can now sort their assignments on that column without the list freezing up and becoming a gray-tinged list of sadness.

LS-73721: The Case Credits block gets a new configuration option "Require Effective Date". The label says it all.

LS-73889: Make the Case Contacts and Timeslip lists on cases load faster when the Bundle module is enabled.

LS-74225: Got SSO (Single Sign On) integration? Have it set to "Enabled and Required" (so your folks can't login with a LegalServer username and password)? The "Required" part was somewhat lacking. That's been fixed. Bonus UI change: The username and password fields are replaced with a message that you must use the SSO link to login.

LS-74303: Stop the sadness when you are entering an expense and try to upload a document.

LS-74333: Additional Assistance Type lookup values have a "Require Monthly Amount" attribute. Always requiring a monthly amount regardless of how you set that attribute proved unpopular, so we'll now honor your "No"s.

LS-74459: Case Status is now an available column and filter on the Assignments list on user profiles.

Immigration forms pushed to all immigration sites (demo and live).

* I-129 (2020-09-30)

* I-140 (2020-09-30)

* I-600a (2016-12-23)

* I-694 (2019-12-02)

* I-730 (2019-09-17

New report uploaded to Example Reports. Do some spring cleaning, make your site more secure. What's not to like:

System Administrator Accounts with Login Active (<- link should download the importable report file)

Designed to show old "Administrator" accounts that should be disabled. Displays users with the role "Administrator" that may be able to login, along with the number of days since the last login, and a link to edit the user record. NB: Adjust the User Role filter to broaden the search, or clear it out completely for all users.