2021-03-24 Release Notes


American Bar Association Immigration Justice Project is excited to go live next week.

Spotlight: Jennifer Kinsley (MLP attorney extraordinaire at Legal Aid Society of Cleveland) finds yet another way to help people.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-03-25, then on live sites on 2021-04-02.

LS-35437: The Billable Fields block has always calculated and saved the correct value, but didn't do it in a nice read-only sort of way. Now it does.

LS-70037: The Date Changed column in the Case Status History list now includes the actual time of the change. Always displaying "12:00 AM" seemed unhelpful.

LS-70808: Search results can now include a County of Dispute column. For (often red) Search menu > People results, see the Admin > Top Level Navigation page, and the Search tab therein. For conflict search results, edit the Client Conflict Results block on your forms and enable the column.

LS-73811: If the SharePoint Documents list on a case can't retrieve the files and folders from SP in 10 seconds, the list will display a clickable link to go directly to SP and do things there. If your organization's SharePoint site times out or other bad things happen, contact your SharePoint admin.

LS-73989: You can set an I-HELP Category for Legal Problem Code lookup values. But picking an LPC so configured wasn't setting and saving the I-HELP value. This ticket rectifies that.

LS-74541: You may have observed this in a previous release note: "LS-68543: Make the Process Language block display each language in that language. Example: Display "Tiếng Việt" instead of "Vietnamese"". But were confused and sad when you didn't see this happening on your multilingual online intake site. This ticket will reduce your confusion and sadness.

LS-74578: The typical Cases list on the main Cases page lets you filter on one Funding Code at a time. Deemed too restrictive, you can now filter on as many Funding Codes as your heart desires.

LS-74631: Fixed handling of CORS preflights. (Casually drop that term into conversation at your next dinner party. People will be impressed.)

LS-74645: If you are enjoying the new "Show Family Note" option in the Family Information block, you are sure to enjoy that note now being labeled "Family Member/Non-Adverse Party Note" note instead of "Notes". Brevity is not always the soul of labels.

LS-74766: Client Profile pages now display the Email address in the "Most Recent Information" section at the top of the page.

The API Documentation Team has been busy POSTing changes to the Core APIs and Legacy APIs. Highlights include, but are not limited to, a new Conflict Check API that lets an online intake site check the probability of a conflict existing on a destination site. You'll want to GET them all.