2021-03-31 Release Notes


Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law (located in the scenic Welsh Tract of southeastern PA) is excited to go live next week.

Welcome these organizations as they begin their onboarding journey:

* Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim

* Rural Law Center of New York

* The Second Look Project

* Vermont Legal Aid

* The Way to Justice

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-04-01, then on live sites on 2021-04-09.

Ls-62956: Collecting Sentencing Information? The eponymous block now displays a list when used on a case profile. Even better, the new list view element will display the information, has configurable columns, includes a handy Edit pencil on each row, and sports a configurable "+" button in the filter bar to add a new sentence. Why use the block with a list like that.

LS-69940: Litigation records on a case can now be linked to Charges on said case. Add the "Charges" field to your litigation form. Couldn't be easier.

LS-72784: Adding a Tab Block element to a form will now work on Grant and other module forms, not just Case/Matter forms.

LS-73093: The static Task create form gets a "Send this note as a message" option to complement the "Send this note as an email" option.

LS-73735: The Legacy API Online Intake Import endpoint will no longer fail if you send it a JsonPayload that contains an invalid custom field name. The parser will continue without the invalid custom field, but write a case note chastising you for sending it an invalid field name.

LS-74199: Fix an issue that could cause different users to see different things on the admin-y Expense Report page.

LS-74705: Submitting timeslips is now much faster on sites using Advanced Grants Management.

LS-74706: Client Survey Results pages (external profile pages) now load 72.3% faster at sea level.

LS-74727: The "Enabled Add-On Modules and Integrations" section of the Admin > Metrics page is even more fulsome than the last time you looked.

LS-74852: The "Upload File and Add Another" button on Add Case Note pages was only uploading the last file you selected. Fixed on all sites on 2021-03-26.