2021-04-14 Release Notes


The excitement is palpable at LASO Parent Representation Project as they prepare to go live.

Just as excited to be going live is Legal Clinic for the Disabled.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-04-15, then on live sites on 2021-04-23.

LS-70020: There is a shiny new "Add Task/Deadline" block available for case/matter forms. 🎉 Optionally specify a dynamic task process. Add multiple copies of the block to the same form to create multiple tasks on a case. Exciting indeed.

LS-74600: Stop the Prescreen Timesheet block from causing an error.

LS-74965: Some of the Forecasting blocks designed to show the current and previous 2 years of data were hardcoded for 2016, 2017, and 2018. You saw the "beta testing" label, right? The suspect blocks will now do what you hoped and dreamed they would.

LS-74973: Working on an old, old site? Still using the static timekeeping process and form for case time? You may have noticed that the funding code on new case timeslips stopped defaulting to the case's funding code when adding time. That feature has been restored.

LS-75062: You can now stop intake links from showing up in the sidebar while someone is doing an intake. If such links trouble your mind, see the new "Show Process Link in Module Process" setting on an intake's process edit page. While we were there, we took the word "Static" out of the existing "Show Process Link in Module Static Profile" setting. If a word isn't doing anything, why keep it. To review: "Module Profile" continues to control whether an intake process link shows up on home pages and cases section fronts. "Module Process" controls whether the link shows up while someone is doing an intake.

LS-75200: The Additional Assistance block was not doing well (throwing unexpected and spurious validation warnings under certain configurations). The operation was a complete success and we expect a full recovery.

LS-75251: The Report Part block has a new configuration option called "Show non-modifiable filters". What's a "non-modifiable filter"? Glad you asked. It is a filter on a report wherein the report writer unchecked the "Viewer Modifiable" option on a filter. You may know these as filters that show a lock icon on them when you run a report. The new option is on by default. The New Embedded Report Design committee voted by a plurality that when filters are shown on an embedded report then locked/non-modifiable filters should be displayed unless a site administrator affirmatively unchecks that box.

LS-75403: If the Start Time and Stop Time fields on a timeslip call you out for invalid entries, make the warning go away when you correct them.